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1. Pre-Production

Together we will determine how to tell your story.

▪︎  Discovery interviews
▪︎  Concept/story development
▪︎  Scripting and storyboarding
▪︎  Planning and preparation


2. Production

The core of every project–we capture your story. Depending on the scope of your project we may include:

▪︎  Hiring of director and crew
▪︎  Multiple cinema cameras
▪︎  Drones and specialty cameras
▪︎  Lighting/audio equipment

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3. Post-Production

We use all of the raw captured media to tell your story.

▪︎  Off-line/online editing
▪︎  Sound mixing/editing/design
▪︎  Motion graphics
▪︎  Color correction/grading
▪︎  Music composition