Vimeo Staff Pick + Vox: Borders


Last year I had the opportunity to do some editing for Vox's new Youtube series Borders. My friend, Johnny, travels to borders around the world to discuss the different experiences people have depended on what side of a border they are one. The show exploded in popularity with views exceeding 1,000,000. 

When Season 2 was kicking off with Hong Kong I knew I had to come along. What an incredible experience and city. My contribution was capturing a lot of city b-roll, Time-lapses, Hyper-lapses, Drones, Slow-Motion and general city craziness.




On top of the show's massive success I put together a travel edit of my own just to experiment with my footage. After just 2 Days from posting to Vimeo it got selected for a Staff Pick! That's been a goal of mine since starting Mwendo. Having always looked to the channel for inspiration. It features some of the most creative, hottest videos on the internet. I'm so honored to finally have something featured on the channel!