Horizon: Empower the Orphaned

New Brand Trailer

We spent three weeks in Kenya to capture Horizon's micro community in full motion empowering orphans. Horizon tasked us with creating a teaser to launch their new logo, slogan and vision. We loved the concept of a thumbprint representing the orphans at Horizon leaving their own mark on the world. Check out the teaser to see how we incorporated the concept.


While in Kenya we captured virtual reality experiences of their micro community so attendants of their annual Gala could be transported to Kenya. Over 400 people attended the Gala event in Lancaster, PA on December 1st, 2017.


The main event of the evening was sharing the story of Julie, an incredible testimony we documented of a young woman who found her purpose and a bright future thanks to Horizon. It was a powerful experience with many attendants being moved to tears. Our goal was to raise funding to help more children like Julie. Guest were invited to text donations, and they were able to raise over $110,000 in the 7 minutes following the film. Thanks to many generous people $285,000 was actually raised throughout the event!


It was such an honor to share Julie's and Horizon's stories so they can continue to leave their mark on the world.


Watch Julie's Story