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About Mwendo

We use motion to help tell your story.

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Our work has lead us on a journey around the globe connecting innovative products, world changing organizations, and creative leaders to their audiences.

Whether it’s branding a company, communicating an idea, or documenting the incredible moments of life, we believe telling your story will connect you with others in ways nothing else can.

With a unique perspective and style, our philosophy is to stay lean and flexible capturing authenticity rather than attempting to manufacture it.


Mwendo definition:

{noun} motion (Swahili)

MWITA | Director

IMANI | Editor

JONATHAN | Cinematographer

BOYDIE | Producer




Welcome to Hong Kong | Vimeo Staff Pick

Storytelling Parade | Cinematography Award

Hollywood Short Film Festival | Best Documentary

Outside the Box | Best Short Documentary


Horizon Initiative

Connelly School of the Holy Child

Congressional School

Angel House

Winoa Abrasives

Selena J Photography

Federal Drug Administration

Sky Decor


City of Hope - Tanzania

Impact Stewardship Resources

JBS International

The Collaborative

Advocate Creative

Administration for Children & Families